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From Design to Thoroughgoing Follow-Up

Our main product is designing, manufacturing, and selling industrial machinery. We surely have been pursuing customer satisfaction; moreover, we have been proposing aggressively effective solutions for solving problems of existing facilities.

In addition, our engineers go to delivery destinations by the time of delivery to give instruction and technical guidance for installation of machinery and driving adjustment upon request of our customers.

Not to mention providing follow-up after delivery, we also welcome the consultation of remodeling and relocation.

We also focus on the sale of industrial machinery parts, we can obtain parts of other manufacturing companies' machinery.

Quality control

Quality First

Our machines play important roles in many different fields of production process. Therefore, we consider it is critical to have a safety design based on the calculation, such as strength and durability. In addition, we pay close attention to manufacturing process of our machines.

In order to provide consistently high-quality industrial machinery, we obtain feedback whenever there are problems, make thorough improvements, and send out reliable industrial machinery under careful quality control.